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Master Cart Extension TPEX01

Master Cart Extension TPEX01
Master Cart Extension

The Master Cart Extension will add four more full size spools of #10 gauge wire at a time to The Master Cart or multiple small spools totaling 8-3/4 inches in width, per shaft. It is designed to keep all wires separate, so they do not tangle up. It also makes pulling wires easier because your spools will not “walk away”. Very easy to move around and store.

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Model Number TPEX01
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  • Description

Product Description

Construction:Welded, Heavy gauge steel
Weight: 19 pounds
Length: 29 inches
Width: 14 1/4 inches
Height: 15 inches
Reel Shaft: 1/2 inch diameter
- 6 1/2 inch diameter spool maximum
Receiver: 2″ Standard