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The Handy Step Detailed Instructions

We tradesmen and outdoors-men need a safe and easy way to access our work van interior, ladder/pipe rack, and pickup truck beds.  How many times do you climb into your pickup bed without lowering the tailgate?  Wouldn’t it be much easier to have a step at a comfortable height between the ground and bumper?  It sure would make getting in and out a whole lot easier and safer.  How many times has your foot slipped off the bumper, especially with mud, snow, and icy conditions?  To access the ladder/pipe rack you have to step up on the rear bumper and try to balance yourself as you remove ladders or pipe.  There are many potential safety problems with this approach that the HANDY STEP can solve.

  1. The HANDY STEP is designed to provide a rear lowering step for an easy step-up to gain access into a van interior, roof top ladders, roof top pipe rack, and pickup truck beds.  HANDY STEP can be stored in an upright self-locked position close to the bumper, thereby preventing injury to persons walking by behind the vehicle and not aware of a protruding step at shin height.  The HANDY STEP is built of heavy gauge welded steel, with a support rating of 300 lbs., and will last for many years.
  2. Safety. In inclement weather, the vehicle rear bumper can become very slippery with snow, ice, or mud.  Your shoes and boots also become slippery with caked on mud or snow. Therefore, when you step up on the rear bumper to gain access to your ladder, pipe rack or pickup bed, your foot can slip off the bumper causing injury to yourself.
  3. Bumper height.  The rear bumper height on work vans and pickup trucks is high enough off the ground so that you cannot take a comfortable step onto the bumper or into the van interior without making an extraordinary effort or by trying to grab on to some part of the vehicle to help pull yourself up.  HANDY STEP in the down position provides a convenient step-up height with a wide surface to provide sure footing, thus eliminating the need to over extend your step-up.
  4. Step surface.  The step surface is comprised of welded steel bars with open space between the webs.  This configuration allows for better footing in all types of weather.  The open gaps do not allow mud or snow to accumulate on the step surface.
  5. Up-down position.  The step is designed to easily lower with one hand by grabbing the uppermost web and pulling straight up about one inch, then pulling back towards you and lowering to the horizontal position.  The step can be raised by either your hand or foot.  To raise by using your hand, grab the outer web bar, pull straight up, and pivot toward the rear of the vehicle.  At its perpendicular height, the step platform will drop down into its self-locking position.  The same process can be accomplished by using the top of your foot instead of your hand.
  6. Self-locking.  The self lock is designed to hold the step in the upright position when not in use and also secure it when the vehicle is moving.  The depth of the insertion bar into the lock channel prevents the step from bouncing up and out when the moving vehicle encounters rough roads, driving over potholes, bumps or traversing rough construction sites.
  7. Attaching.  HANDY STEP attaches to a vehicle by way of a standard receiver hitch.  There are two mounting distances. A short insert is for use when the receiver is flush to or extending past the vertical plane of the vehicle bumper.  The long insert is used when the receiver is recessed behind the vertical plane of the bumper.  Both styles of inserts are secured by the insertion of a hitch pin.
  8. Storage.  HANDY STEP is designed and intended to be used when the vehicle is stopped and in a parked position.  The step platform is intended to be used in the lower position only when needed.  When the step is not being used, it is to be stored in the upright self-lock position, thereby not becoming an injury hazard for passersby.
  9. Uniqueness.   HANDY STEP is easy to install or remove when you need to use your receiver for other purposes.  There is only one part that moves.  It is built very strong out of welded steel for heavy duty use.  You can use a hitch pin lock to prevent theft of the step.  The step surface area is substantial in consideration of persons that have large work boots and need sure footing.