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About Tradesmen Products

I started Tradesmen Products Inc. to build industrial grade products that you and I can use everyday in our jobs. We work hard and I believe our tools should be able to work just as hard. That is why I build my products to last for years of constant use and abuse.

I have been an electrical contractor and a construction electrician for over thirty years. I know what does and does not work in the field. I know what products need to be improved upon to make our jobs easier and more efficient.

I live and work by this simple philosophy: Work Smarter – Not Harder!

Tradesmen Products are built better and perform better than any other similar product in the market place, I guarantee it. The Master Cart and The Handy Step are prime examples of innovation and strength in a product.

I am proud that my products are MADE IN THE USA . When you purchase a Tradesmen Product, you not only get the highest quality, but you keep jobs in America .

David E. Phillips,